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TAE KWON DO - All Ages (ages 4-7 see below "Little Dragons"
Mondays - Fridays
(Time depends on level, call to confirm)
 You  get a FREE uniform 
What to expect:

start off with basic moves like kicking, and punching. As you move up in belts, classes become more advanced including: Sparring, flying kicks, board breaking and much more!
 Learning TKD is more mental than physical.  With each level, your RESPECT, FOCUS AND ATTITUDE IMPROVES All ages learn that nothing in life is given to you.  If you really want something - you must work hard to achieve it.
Ages 4-7
Call for time and details
Our little Dragon class is a fun way to introduce focus, coordination, and dicipline to your child.  They will learn the art of TaeKwonDo via a goal oriendted program where they earn belts and stars.


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